My Trading Day ~ Wednesday 26th August

Good morning to you all, another profitable day on the markets yesterday with my 2 Trading Systems. I fancied another early start, perhaps to quell my guilt about my impending short break away (ha ha !) and straight away I had a signal to enter a trade on the Euro$ just after 6:15am and that gave us a 10 pip profit start the morning session off.  The rest of the day (with my Any-Time System) produced a total of 10 trades (and not one losing one !) and a total profit by 5pm of 116 points (or £580 at only £5 per point) although if you were an experienced trader, you would be trading at much more than this.

I am often asked by new readers to this blog – how do I start trading this ‘Any-Time’ System while I am still working at my day job. Well, the best way is to start part-time with my evening strategy (Trade With a Day Job) which is an easy, simple to learn system, and once you are earning a steady daily income from that, you can then move onto the other system. This is the way I designed the learning process.

Anyway – onto that evening strategy, last night we had a signal to enter the trade just after 6pm and true to form, it produced the usual 20 pips profit (or £100 at only £5 per pip)

I am off now for an extended Bank Holiday break, so I hope you all enjoy your weekend.

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