My Trading Day ~ Wednesday 12th August

Big news this morning (Thursday) is that the (overnight) Asian markets staged a bit of a rally after upbeat news from the U.S. Fed yesterday, saying that they were optimistic about the short-term economic outlook, and also they were committed to keeping their interest rates low for the time being. Additionally, France and Germany has announced growth in both their economies, so bringing to an end the year long recession. Together they are Europe’s 2 largest economies, so market watchers pay great heed to their progress in these uncertain times.

Onto my trading yesterday – and I had an early start, as I want to have today (Thursday) off, doing some ‘hobby’ things. My first trade (with my ‘Any-Time’ System) was just after 6:30am on the Euro$ for a useful 11 points (and £220 profit) and I then had another couple of trades in quick succession within the hour. In total I had 9 trades before grabbing a quick sandwich for lunch. My afternoon was relatively quiet by comparison with just another 2 trades before I finished at 4pm. My overall score for the daytime session was 56 points with 3 losing trades and 8 profitable ones.

An early evening out with friends meant I did not trade my ‘Trade With A Day Job’ last night, but a friend reported that he had the usual success of 20 pips while sitting in my office trading yesterday evening. Unfortunately, he used his account and not mine to work with !!

Onto unusual news now – and an item that is really for the attention of my eldest son, Max, who a lot of you know helps me with the I.T. side of my business – he had his first taste of flying in small planes yesterday (I have enjoyed it for the past 10 yrs) when he went up for a short flight in a micro-light. Here is a story of a guy who, while coming into land in his micro-light, realised that he was running out of fuel and had to steer away from built up areas (as we are all taught) and tried to land on a golf course – unfortunately he hit a tree (20 ft up) before he could land on the fairway. Although injured – gladly he’s ok.

Finally – it would seem that Harry Potter’s Railway Platform nine and three quarters maybe a reality in the near future. Scientists have found a way of making invisible doorways a reality. A very interesting article !

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