My Trading Day ~ Tuesday 11th August

Well, the London Stock Market tried briefly in the morning to stage a little rally, mainly brought about by take-over rumours in the insurance sector – but once the U.S. session started after our lunchtime, New York dragged everything downwards as is often the way, ┬áthe European Exchanges will follow the American lead after 2:30 (GMT) most days.

My trading day started a little later than usual, at 9.30am, with a small (profitable) trade on the FTSE 100 index. During the morning I had another 3 trades before a quick lunch – and I finished the day-time trading session (with my ‘Any-Time’ system) with a total of 8 trades and a profit of 53 points. Out of those 8 trades just 2 were unprofitable. My evening system signaled the first trade at just after 5pm, which was a loser, and the second one came in at 8pm, and my overall total for just the evening when the market closed at 9pm was a profit of +9.

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