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About Markets Mastered Trading Education

My name is Nick Kruger and since learning to trade profitably in the 1990's, my main aim in life and daily focus now is to teach as many people as possible to replicate my success and learn to trade the markets profitably. I can do this quite simply by means of my easy-to-copy trading strategy that enable absolute beginner's to learn the basics of price movement, and how to profit from it, in a few short months. Together with this system I also offer personal assistance if it's needed, but 95% of new students never contact me with a question, they just work through the strategy manual and begin trading on their own.

My interest in the stock market and trading in particular started in 1986 when I was introduced to a trader from Shearson Lehman (later to be renamed Lehman Bros.) in the City Of London. I was 26yrs old and visiting their offices due to my previous business as a wholesale prestige car buyer, but was fascinated by the work she was doing, watching multiple charts and diving in and out of positions every few minutes. I remember saying at the time that I would like to learn to trade with the same skill as she had, but by the look on her face, it was obvious she was not going to be my teacher. I had no university degree, no banking or investment experience and was far too old to be taken on as a trainee. Nevertheless, whenever I visited their offices in the Broadgate Tower (once a month or so) I would sit with her and watch the screens, mesmerised by the fast-paced movements on various charts knowing deep-down that one day I would do this as my full-time job. I remember thinking at the time, this was going to be my goal, no questions, no doubt.

Due to my personality, I was determined to teach myself how to trade, so I started buying books on the subject, and reading all I could on the subject. In 1988 I spotted an advert in Exchange & Mart for a course on trading by a guy called Peter Hall. He ran seminars from his cottage in Porlock (Somerset) and I was amongst the first of his pupils. The knowledge he imparted was invaluable, and it did get me going in a big way towards my ultimate goal. In those pre-internet days I used to trade options through a stock broker in Henley-On-Thames via the phone would you believe, it seems so antiquated now!

I did ok for a few years, having losing months and then some winning ones, overall coming out even for a few years. I then graduated to trading with IG Index in the early 1990's when Stuart Wheeler was still in charge and with the advent of computerised charting, I came away from purely price-action trading and started to develop my own trading system. Obviously in those early days my results were quite hit and miss, and I also tried a few proprietary systems that were being sold at the time. They were worse than useless, and I realised I had to rely on my own skills to become a professional trader.

I remember this time as being a period of large highs and equally large lows, unable to get onto an even keel and just have profitable months of trading. I had issues with my trading psychology, as nearly all traders experience, and after a while I realised this was part of the wider problem.

I was lucky in so far as I was not relying on trading as my sole income, but I had to improve if I was going to turn this 'hobby' into a profitable business. I went back to basics, spoke to professional traders that I had met over the years and I re-read all the well-known trading books. I stopped trading completely and went back to studying charts, and put my mind to developing a simple, basic trading system.

In 1993 I had perfected a trading system to day-trade the UK FTSE100 index, and started to trade the strategy during the day while still running my previous business. The system would kick-up two or three trades per day, so I could jump in and out of the market while doing other things. Gradually my trading account built up steadily and after two years of part-time trading, my trading was earning more than my salary from the day-job, so it was time to go full-time trading!

In the year 2000 a friend (Graham Aldous) asked me to teach him to trade, so he could earn extra money after he returned home from work each day. Obviously my existing day-trading system for the UK Stock Market would not fit the bill as the market had already closed by the time he had got home from work, so I set about designing a system for the U.S. market as that does not finish for the day until 9pm UK time. It needed to be very simple as he had never traded before, and at the time he did not even own a computer.

I will say that I did have some valuable help in designing this new evening system from a friend who was a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange - he told me of certain occurrences that happened time and time again on the market and I used these invaluable insights together with some basic designs from my other profitable system to formulate a strategy that worked very profitably from day one. I wrote up a simple 34 page manual and gave it to Graham, so he could get started with his new part-time 'hobby'.

He did well from day-one, and he was good enough to detail his experience as a new trader in a brief document that he sent me a few years ago which you can download at the bottom of the page. It'll be no real surprise to you that he still trades the system today.

So back to my trading history, I continued to trade full-time using my FTSE day-trading strategy plus occasionally watching the charts in the evening and trading the system I taught Graham. From time time, two or three times a year, I would be asked to teach a friend or acquaintance to trade, which I did quite simply be giving them the same 34 page book that I had written up previously explaining the workings of my "evening" system. I must admit, I did get quite a 'buzz' when I heard that someone else had learned to trade profitably using this system of mine.

In 2008, my eldest son Max suggested that he made this system available more widely available and charge a small amount of money for the manual as he was going to study software/computer engineering at university soon and needed to earn some money to support himself while away for the next 3 years. I thought it was a good idea of his, as all of the people I had previously given the manual to had successfully began trading profitably, so Max designed the website and all the software that would be needed, and I re-wrote the system manual for him. Markets Mastered was born and I agreed to act as a consultant to help any new customers with questions they may have while learning to trade using my "evening" system - which we named "Trade With A Day Job" - and also my original FTSE Day-Trading Strategy.

Max graduated from Reading University as a Bachelor of Science with honours in July 2011 at 21 years old. Whilst at University Max has set up a large number of successful websites in the legal, property and automotive sector.

Since 2008 over a thousand people have learned to trade with Markets Mastered and I am proud to say that many of these have gone onto trading full-time.

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