Nick’s Trading Diary – Monday 21st January 2019

A quick update on my trading – I have been involved in writing a couple of Trading Books over the last few weeks so I’ve not had much time to sit in front of my charts.

The first of the books will be released tomorrow evening so my plan is to get back to some trading on Wednesday (23rd)  The second one is part of my Trading-Education series and that will be ready at the end of the month.

As always, if you have any trading related questions please drop me a message at the normal address.

Nick’s Trading Diary – Wednesday 9th January 2019

Plans are “Fluid” today as I have an invitation for an afternoon out with friends if the weather holds out but in the meantime I shall be in the office watching my charts and catching up on Skype calls and emails.  Any trades I find will be detailed below.

08:10am:  Nothing to report on my collection of favourite charts.

09:05am:   Taken a ‘short’ position on my GOLD 30-min chart, it’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-A pattern with an 11 pip stop loss.

09:20am:    Now also in a ‘long’ position on my FTSE-100 1-hr chart. Also a Master-The-Trend Strategy-A pattern but with a larger stop loss (33 pips) reflecting the higher timeframe.

09:30am:  Now I’m in a ‘long’ position on my WTI CRUDE 30-min Chart – another Master-The-Trend Strategy-A pattern with a 28 pip stop loss.

10:20am:    Just taken a quick  profit from my WTI CRUDE position ahead of this afternoon’s Crude Oil Inventories announcement (+66 pips)

10:55am:   Now out of my GOLD position now, it’s taken a while for the price to come down to a level where the profit was reasonable but eventually but I’ve achieved a +21 pip profit.

11:40pm:    Still waiting for the FTSE price to rise significantly to allow me to close it off with a decent profit.  My game of golf after lunch has been confirmed so I will close the position off before I leave the house if at all possible.

12:05pm:    Getting ready to close the position off before I go out for lunch so I have brought my stop loss upto -10 pips.

13:55pm:   I had intended to switch off my charts a while ago but I’ve been interested in the price action on the FTSE chart, it has had trouble moving above 6938.  While I think it may eventually get over this small obstacle I have now run out of time so I’ve closed off the position with a small +14 pip profit.

Happy with the trades I took today, my total profit was +101 pips.  I am now off for a game of golf for the next few hours and I may have a day away from the markets tomorrow as I want to write up a small eBook which will explain how to get more out of my daily “Trading-Ideas”

Nick’s Trading Diary – Tuesday 8th January 2019

Back in the office this morning with a goal of getting through my inbox today and reply to all remaining messages – plus watch my collection of favourite charts as well from time to time. Any trades I take will be detailed below.

08:55am:   Nothing report yet.

09:40am:   I have just taken a ‘short’ position on my 15-min GOLD chart. It’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-A set-up and my stop loss is just 8 pips.

10:20am:    I’m now also in a ‘long’ position on the UK FTSE-100.  It is a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B pattern with a 9 pip stop loss (15-min timeframe)

11:10am:  Nothing to report so far – going out for a 45-min run.

12:05pm:   Just taken a profit from my FTSE position (+32 pips) is the candles are starting to suggest a move down.  My GOLD trade is still trundling along without a great deal of success yet.

13:55pm:    The GOLD price has eventually come down so I have grabbed a small profit before I go off for a late lunch. The position has given me +25 pips.

15:00pm:    Forgot to mention, my trading for the day finished with the closing of the GOLD position as my total amassed pips reached +57 pips which is adequate for a day’s profit.



Nick’s Trading Diary – Monday 7th January 2019

Back in the office this morning after a long Christmas holiday break and my only real plan for the day is to tackle my rather large inbox although if I have time I will be watching my charts from time to time.

10:15am   Not had a chance to watch any charts so far today and off for cycle ride now for an hour.

12:45pm   Just taken a ‘short’ position on my U.S. WTI Crude 30-min chart.  It’s a Master-The-Reversal UTB price reversal pattern and my stop loss is 22 pips.

14:20pm   Been watching the Crude Oil price come down nicely but I do have to go out on a few errands now so I have closed off my WTI position at $48.65 giving me a profit of +58 pips, not a bad start to trading in 2019.


Nick’s Trading Diary – Tuesday 18th December 2018

I am back in front of my screens briefly this morning ahead of our Christmas holiday so any trades I take will be detailed below. I will be back here in the New Year, probably around the 7th of January but my daily “Trading-Ideas” emails will continue this week.

08:00am:  Nothing to report so far on my collection of favourite charts.

09:25am:  Price on DAX-30 may trigger a trade if it rises soon.

09:35am:  Now in a ‘long’ DAX-30 position on the 15-min chart. It’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B set-up with a 28 pip stop loss which is slightly higher than normal but it’s indicative of today’s volatility.

11:20am:   The trade is doing ok, it has found some support at the 10EMA so I am going to hang on a bit longer.

11:45am:    I have closed off my DAX position with a +69 pip profit.

11:50am:    Happy with the score so far today so I am switching off my charts now and getting ready for the holiday.  I have only had 5 days of trading in December due to various other projects I’ve had around the house but I have managed +202 pips for the month.

Nick’s Trading Diary – Thursday 13th December 2018

My plan today is to be here in my home office this morning catching up on emails plus indulging in some chart watching and if all goes well – the afternoon will be spent outside in the garden.

09:30am:  The markets seem quite volatile this morning so far – watching from the sidelines at the moment.

11:35am:  The markets are still fairly “lively” so far which means I am still sitting on my hands as far as trades are concerned.  I’ve noticed that there are many more unanswered emails than I originally thought so I envisage being here at my desk (and watching my charts) for the rest of the day.

12:20pm:   Out for lunch now – nothing new to report at the moment.

13:40pm:   I am now in 2 positions – both are Master-The-Trend Strategy-A set-ups, one on the GOLD 15-min chart and the other on the Brent Crude chart of the same timeframe.  These may not be very long (time wise) trades as markets are quite unpredictable at this time of the day.

13:55pm:    I am out of both trades !  The Brent Crude position has just been stopped out at 21 pips but the GOLD position faired better and has come away with a small +20 pip profit.

14:05pm:  The markets have not really settled down and I was planning to be outside anyway this afternoon so I am switching my screens off now.

I am not planning to be in the office tomorrow but I will be back next Tuesday for some more trading.

Nicks’ Trading Diary – Wednesday 12th December 2018

I am planning a day in my office and I’ll be watching my charts from time to time. Trades I take will be detailed below:

08:55am:  Nothing to report so far, the European markets are settling down after the open.

09:40am:    Off for a cycle ride in the sunshine, my charts are quiet with regard to opportunities.

11:10am:     I have just taken a ‘long’ position on my UK FTSE-100 chart – it’s a Master-The-Trend Strategy-B set-up on the 15-min chart with a 12 pip stop loss.

13:55pm:   The FTSE-100 price has not risen as quickly as I had hoped and earlier got stuck around 6900 but a few seconds ago it rose just above this level which enabled me to grab a +20 pip profit.  I am now going out for a late lunch and then playing a round of golf with some friends so my trading is finished for the day.  I envisage being back in front of my charts tomorrow morning.

Nick’s Trading Diary – Tuesday 11th December 2018

My plan today is to definitely be in my home office today catching up on emails and Skype calls plus watching my collection of chats from time to time through the day. I realise this was my plan yesterday and it did not go well but I am determined to keep my door shut today and have no interruptions !  Any trades I do take will be detailed below:

08:50am:    Nothing to report so far, there is a fair amount of volatility in the markets this morning so I shall wait for it to die down before contemplating a trade.

10:00am:    Quick cycle ride as there’s nothing happening on my charts currently.

11:45am:   After a fairly quiet morning as far as trading opportunities go, there has just been two opportunities trigger. They are both Master-The-Trend Strategy-B patterns and one is on the German DAX-30 chart and the other is on WTI Crude Oil.  Stop loss values are: DAX-30 24 pips, WTI Crude 23 pips.

12:40pm    Taken quick profit from my DAX-30 position and it’s now closed at +37 pips.   My WTI Crude trade is still languishing around +10 pips so I am leaving it open to see if it can reach a better level.

14:40pm:  The Oil price has risen nicely in the last hour and I am now out of my position with  a score of +77 pips.

14:45pm:   I have an overall score of +114 pips for my first “proper” day of trading in December so I am going retire early and have a late lunch. Back here early tomorrow morning.

Nick’s Trading Diary – Monday 10th December 2018

After what seems a long time away from my charts, I am back today and resuming ‘normal’ trading activities. My house restoration project has consumed me over the last 3 months but we are now back home and I am once again working from my home office.  My plan is to be indoors for most of today catching up on a few weeks of emails and Skype calls and I will also be glancing at my collection of favourite charts from time to time. Any trades I take today will be detailed below.

09:20am   Nothing to report so far on my group of eight favoured charts.

15:00pm    I have to report that I have not been in front of my screens as much as I had hoped today as there have been some other errands to attend to that have cropped up since we moved back in.  This means that I have no trades to report for today but I am planning to have a more constructive day in the office tomorrow !

Nick’s Trading Diary – Wednesday 28th November 2018

I’ve decided to be away from my screens for the rest of the week while I continue writing up my latest edition of the monthly Trading-Education eBook.

Release date soon – more details on Friday.