Tuesday 15th November ~ Break Up Of The Eurozone Likely ?

09:00am.      Got back home late afternoon yesterday, and managed to have a couple of trades with my “Evening” system – the first trade was a short one with entry at 6 o’clock, but did not last very long, and I was stopped out fairly quickly with a minus 16 pip score. About half an hour later I was in another ‘short’ trade but this time I did a lot better and closed off with +36 pips after around 75 minutes in the market.

I have some errands/shopping to do today after being away from home since Friday, so will not be trading until this evening. I will report back later with details of any trades I take in that session.

In the news today, the calls for greater integration within the EU are getting louder as politicians continue to dream of an ever more powerful central European state.  There’s no question that more fiscal integration could have possibly averted the current crisis by preventing profligate states from going on their spending sprees whilst being able to borrow from the bond markets at the same rate as Germany, but the reputation of the eurozone project has been badly tarnished and whilst there might be appetite from politicians, there is growing scepticism from the voters.  Certainly in the UK, which has historically been one of the more sceptical nations proud to have the head of state on its own bank notes, the old cracks in the Conservative party have re-emerged and now the Labour party is making noises about reclaiming powers from Brussels.
19:15pm.    I did switch a laptop on at 5:30pm this evening to watch out for signals on my “evening” system and just after 6 o’clock a potential trade started to develop. All went to plan I got into the market ‘long at 18:25 and rode the market up as it was in a nice upward trend. I came out a few minutes ago with a 37 pip profit.

Out for some supper now at Cafe Rouge in the town. I am up early in the morning and off to my cottage in Suffolk for a few days.

Daily Target Reached Today ? YES  (+37 pips)        I traded for nearly 2 hours this evening

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