My Trading Day ~ Monday 9th November ’09

Good morning to you all.

A customary late(ish) start for me on a Monday – It comes from all those years of having get up early at the beginning of the week and start the daily commute at 7am.

So – armed with a cup of coffee, I am in front of the screens at 8am – and I have to wait just 15mins before my first trade (with my “Any-Time” System) is signaled. It is a Euro/Yen trade and boosts my account by +11 pips. For the rest of the morning I have another 5 trades and I broke for a long leisurely lunch with friends just before 1pm.

I got back in time to catch a trade at 2:30pm with the Euro$ followed very quickly with one on the USD/CAD.  I had a few errands to to sort out in town, so I had one more trade and finished up at 3:30pm with 9 trades all in all – with 3 losing ones and a day’s running total so far of +44 pips.

I was back just after 5pm to catch a couple of trades on my “Trade With A Day Job” system – and I ended with the usual +20 pips profit, so not a bad day’s trading – my account was healthier by +64 pips.

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