My Trading Day ~ Tuesday 15th Sept. ’09

Good morning to you all – let’s raise our coffee cups for another profitable day on the markets.

Earlier this morning I read an article in the Financial Times regarding the record level that GOLD is at the moment – well over $1000 – so I had a look at a chart, and my ‘Any-Time’ system signalled this latest rise yesterday (Tuesday) at 3pm, and a few days earlier (11th Sept.) we had a signal for the small retracement down prior to the latest rise. If you would like details of these trades please email me here.

Other big news today was the U.K. jobless figures that came out at 9:30 this morning (Wednesday) – no real surprises, it rose to 2.47m – up by 210,000 poor souls. Perhaps time for a few of them to start their own business trading on the stock market ?

On to trading yesterday – and a leisurely start to my ‘working’ day - I was filled with coffee and at my desk just before 7:45am (when a lot of you are starting your daily commute !!)  and the first trade was signalled just a few minutes after 8am on the London FTSE100 Index. This started my pip count off with +8 for the day. I will say that there was a couple of earlier trades but I was having an unhurried start to the day for once after a late night out on Monday. Looking at my currency charts, there is always a few trades all the way through the night – for those insomniacs amongst us.  There was another 5 more trades for the morning (with only one loser) before I broke for lunch out with a fellow trader. Due to news announcements out in the U.S. at 1:30pm (GMT) we had organised this date a while ago, as it would be foolish to be in a trade when the figures are released – you do not know for sure which way the markets will react and to try to guess the direction is pure gambling and so not a career move I would encourage. To see a complete list of important economic news announcements for all countries please have a look here. If you are trading full-time, you should be noting down these times every morning before you start.

After lunch – back to the screens and 3 more trades before afternoon tea at 4pm (how very ‘English’ !!) and a short break before starting my ‘Trade With a Day Job’ Evening System. The day-time session provided me with 81 pips – with 8 profitable trades – and my evening strategy gave me the usual 20 pips, so I managed to creep over the 100 level today – happy days.

I did pull my finger out last night and  produced a much promised and requested Word Doc. listing the results – day by day – for my ‘Evening System’ and if you would like a copy – click on this link to contact me. If you have any other questions regarding my systems, or just about trading as a career – please use the same link to contact me, and i will be happy to answer your queries.

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