My Trading Day ~ Friday 18th Sept. ’09

Good morning to you all ~ and I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

Friday, for me, started early as I planned a long weekend away, so I was out on the bike for a bit of exercise at 5am, then back ready with a healthy pint of fresh orange juice in front of the screens at 6am.

My first trade was signalled 15 mins later on the Euro/yen currency pair (+12 pip to start the day) and I completed another 6 trades before I broke for a quick bite to eat with a friend of mine at 12:30. My score for the morning session was +40  ~  not including my GOLD trade, which works on a different time frame, and netted me +21 pips for about 5 mins work !

Back from lunch at 1:15 and almost immediately I had a signal to enter the German DAX index which helped my running total by +14 pips. There was also a signal to go long (up/buy) on the FTSE, but as those two instruments move with a high degree of correlation, it would be foolish to trade both signals at the same time – because if the trade was ok you would have double the profit – but conversely – if the trade was a loser, there would be double the loss, so that is pure gambling and not sensible, carefully worked out trading. There is a difference. If you need more of an explanation, just email me and I will be happy to give you a detailed reply.

The rest of my short afternoon in front of the computers gave me another 3 trades ~ including another one on GOLD and I finnished the day with 55 pips plus 69 from my two GOLD trades.

As I was off for a long weekend break I did not have a trade with my “Trade With a Day Job” system, but looking at the chart this morning I can see there was just one trade on that strategy for the usual 20 pips.

So all in all – once again, I had a very profitable week on the markets with both of my systems – a total of 488 pips (or £2440 trading at only a £5 per pip level)

I am often asked by visitors to my website – which system should they purchase first ?  The “Trade With a Day” is an ideal introduction to this potential career, as it a simple, straightforward strategy that gives you a consistent amount of profit almost every evening – and so builds confidence when you are learning this business. Once you have mastered that system – my “Any-Time” system is ideal to move onto, so you can increase you daily ‘working’ hours, with a view to eventually giving up your job and doing this full-time. having said that – I have a few customers who have just stuck to the evening system and given their jobs up anyway – and just trade for a few hours in the evening and have their days free to whatever they wish.  The choice is entirely yours !!

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